Random Rhythm Board Game

  • The Random Rhythm board game is a game you can play using rhythm notation.  The game challenges the player(s) to demonstrate their understanding of note and rest values and time signatures, by constructing and clapping rhythms for points. The cards consist or 32 numbered cards, 20 instrument cards(wild cards) and three instructional cards. Written instructions for the game accompany the card set. Video instructions are provided below. 

T.A.M. Videos


Rhythm Game Variation

The object of the game is to complete consecutive bars of rhythm and clap and count them correctly for a point. Set up the rhythm board by choosing a time signature and basic beat.  Place them on the board where indicated. (Remember the top number of the time signature tell you now many beats are allowed in each bar)
Prepare the cards using all 32 numbered cards and four wild cards(instrument cards).Shuffle the cards. During their turn, each player will pick the top card from the deck.
Player #1 picks a card from the deck and chooses one or multiple note or rest v