Random Rhythm Board Game

The Random Rhythm card set turns Little Hands On Rhythm into a fun board game where by students,teachers kids and parents can make up random rhythms for points.  The game challenges the student to demonstrate their understanding of note and rest values and time signatures, by constructing and clapping rhythms for points.  Included in the card set are instrument cards as wild cards. 

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The Random Rhythm Board Game

For 2 players
The object of the game is to complete bars of rhythm for points.
A point is awarded for each bar of rhythm
completed and clapped correctly.

The player completing the last bar of
rhythm can earn an extra point by
clapping and counting all four bars of
rhythm correctly.
Set up the rhythm board by choosing a Time
Signature and Basic Beat. Place them in the
indicated places on the board.

Choose between 4 – 8 wild cards (instrument cards)and shuffle them with the 32 numbered cards. Divide the deck between both

How to play:
Each player in turn takes the top
card of their deck.
The number indicates the number of beats
the player can use (see the Time Value Key
Card). You can use one or multiply time
values that add up to the beat number represented
on your card. Add the beat counters (numbers from 1 – 4) under
the rhythm in the space called Numbering the Beats.
Wild cards can represent any number.
The player who completes the bar adds
a bar line to indicate the bar is complete.
The double bar line (black) is placed at the
end of the four bars.