Little Hands On Rhythm® - Activity Games

Little Hands On Rhythm® - Activity Games
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The Little Hands On Rhythm® - Activity Games includes the Little Hands On Rhythm Primer Kit and the Random Rhythm card set. Each rhythm kit includes written instructions for the Rhythm Activity Games. The numbered cards can also be used..... 

  • To encourage students to name the notes and rests and learn their beat value by matching the beat number on the card with its equivalent note and rest value. 

 The wild cards can also be used...

  • To learn the names of the Instruments of the Orchestra and the sections of an orchestra. 
Our on-line tutorial videos are easy to use and can help classroom teachers teach...
  • The note and rest values 
  • Time signatures and bar lines
  • The difference between a beat and a rhythm

Please see our teacher resource page for information on ways Little Hands On Rhythm® - Activity Games can assist in teaching fundamental elements in the Ontario Ed. Music Curriculum. 

Contents and Quantities for Little Hands On Rhythm®

RHYTHM BOARD (22cm x92cm/8.75” x 36.25”) with TIME TREE


Time Signatures: One 4/4, one 3/4, one 2/4 
Basic Beats: 4 for each time signature
Beat Counters:4 for each of numbers 1,2,3,4, 16 ‘+’ signs; 4 ‘='signs)
Notes: 4 whole notes, 8 half notes, 16 quarter notes, 16 barred eight notes.
Rests: 4 quarter rests, 4 half, 4 whole rests.
Bar Lines: 3 green bar lines and 1 black double bar line.

Random Rhythm card set includes:

  • 32 numbered cards (1, 2, 3, 4) 
  • 20 instrument cards 
  • 3 rhythm game instructional cards 

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