Little Hands on Rhythm

Little Hands on Rhythm
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Little Hands on Rhythm 

  • Includes rhythmic components necessary to explain rhythmic concepts
  • Uses large scale magnetic manipulatives that support hands-on learning
  • Has a unique tri-fold magnetic board with graphics designed for teaching rhythm
  • Converts abstract rhythmic concepts into concrete forms
  • Makes rhythmic reading accessible to students with diverse learning modalities
  • Makes rhythm fun and interactive for young students

Contents and Quantities for Little Hands On Rhythm:

RHYTHM BOARD (22cm x92cm/8.75” x 36.25”) with TIME TREE


Time Signatures:

Two 4/4, one 3/4, one 2/4 

Basic Beats:

4 for each time signature

Beat Counters: 

 4 of each of numbers 1,2,3,4 (16 ‘+’ signs; 4 ‘='signs)

Note Values:

 4 whole notes, 16 quarter notes, 8 half notes, 16 barred eighth notes - NEW 4 dotted quarter notes, 4 single eighth notes


4 whole/half rests, 4 quarter rest

Bar Lines:

3 bar lines, 1 double bar line



  • Demonstrate note and rest values
  • Explain the Time Signature and how it relates to the basic beat and time values
  • Demonstrate how rhythm is divided into equal beats
  • Teach rhythmic patterns through repetition
  • Enhance students' problem solving skills
  • Help introduce rhythmic vocabulary
  • Test students' comprehension of rhythmic concepts using rhythmic recognition and rhythmic dictation methods
  • Assist in exploring  mixed meter
  • Provide a hands-on fun way for students to explore rhythm

With Little Hands On Rhythm and the Random Rhythm card set you can play many different rhythm games.  Here is an example....

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"I am amazed and thrilled to observe how eagerly my students reach for the bright, colourful magnetic Rhythm Board and concrete rhythmic manipulatives.

Children with differing musical capabilities and learning styles are equally excited to explore the rhythms they create and sound out on various percussive instruments.

They intuitively begin to apply and challenge their own knowledge, extending learning quite naturally into the logical 'next step'.

A wonderful aid in early musical literacy, this product is a beautiful teaching tool!!"

Saskia Stewart
B.F.A. (Spec.Hon.Music), B.Ed.

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