...having the hands-on materials made such a difference especially with my students with Attention Deficit Disorder and students with Learning Disabilities. Being able to see the notes and manipulate them themselves really helped them gain an understanding. They loved creating their own beats and little songs. I'm sure I will continue to use it in the years to come!
Patricia Cullen

My younger kids are enjoying the new teaching tool. I ask them to take the rhythm of the melody they are working on, and place it on the white board, and then to clap the rhythm. It is working especially well with the ones that are just switching over from note value counting to counting the beat.

Thanks again!

Patricia March

ORMTA member (Newmarket Branch)

Teaching Aids for Music's Little Hands On Rhythm provides my students with a tactile, creative way to engage with rhythm.  I get them to correct wrong or incomplete rhythms, create their own rhythms, add counts, and clap out the rhythms.  The beats above help them to space the notes correctly.  Even my tween boys enjoy working with the magnets to create rhythms and work out beat subdivisions.  

 Private Piano Studio of Julie Armes

“Since my purchase of ‘Little Hands on Rhythm’, Kinder Music and primary instruction has been taken to a whole other level. It’s a breath of fresh air to already have a board at your disposal, which includes an easy and hands on, interactive aspect
of teaching rhythm to young learners. This board allows children to not only learn their rhythmic values but rewards them the opportunity to create their own time signatures and bars. I am very happy with this product and so are my students! I will definitely be
back for more”!    
~Kate Swan (Owner/ Director – Moura Music Studios Inc.)

I am a music teacher who fully believes that piano teaching isn't just about sitting on a bench and plunking out basic repertoire and playing scales. I think it is important to spend time off the bench with some fun hands on activities that help students fully understand concepts being learned. Teaching rhythm and counting is definitely one of the hardest concepts for students to grasp. However Little Hands on Rhythm has become my perfect tool for this. To start with the kit itself is bright and clear, and kids love magnets! I love how the kit visually depicts the beat and breaks it down so students can fully comprehend how beats are divided. The kit also allows students the opportunity to play games and compose different rhythms. Little Hands on Rhythm is a perfect addition to any music teacher's teaching materials.

Amy Christensen~ Creative Keys Music Academy

What DID We Do All Day?

As Montessorians have learned from observing the child, anything they create themselves (such as a math equation) is likely to be bigger, more complex, and more compelling than anything pre-provided on a card. But, how do we do this with rhythm? ......Little Hands on Rhythm.....I know a lot of my online Montessori friends LOVE LOVE LOVE having videos of presentations.  Laurie has already provided those, and there is a growing collection on her website here:  Tutorial Videos for Rhythm Notation.  Thank you to Laurie for letting us try this product!         To see the full review....http://whatdidwedoallday.blogspot.ca/

Homeschooling mom, Professional flutist, Ph.D (music theory).

I have been using your Little Hands on Rhythm in my group and private classes and I can see my students' eyes light up when I start putting it up.  My teachers are also excited about using it in their classes and have told me how engaging their students become as soon as they show it!  The hands-on, experience-oriented and interactive approach this tool provides matches perfectly with our values of teaching, and I have to tell you, we cannot teach as successfully without it anymore!!


Director | Grace Notes Music Academy Inc.

Suite 222, 1829 Ranchlands Blvd, NW, Calgary T3G 2A7

Using Little Hands On Rhythm in both my piano studio and in the classroom made the teaching of beat, pulse, rests, bar lines, and time signature easy and fun.

The kids loved the manipulatives and came up with their own ideas – such as composing right away. Some of my students refused to go home when their lesson time was up, because of the Little Hands On Rhythm activities.

The large size of the manipulatives is great for 'little hands' and the colour and presentation are beautiful. Little Hands On Rhythm is a great teaching aid that I will definitely incorporate in my practice."

Adriana Levy,
CMTD from the National Conservatory of Music, Argentina, BFA York University, over 20 years teaching experiences in private practice, and group instruction at Montessori Schools in Toronto, Ontario.

 "I am amazed and thrilled to observe how eagerly my students reach for the bright, colourful magnetic Rhythm Board and concrete rhythmic manipulatives.

Children with differing musical capabilities and learning styles are equally excited to explore the rhythms they create and sound out on various percussive instruments.

They intuitively begin to apply and challenge their own knowledge, extending learning quite naturally into the logical 'next step'.

A wonderful aid in early musical literacy, this product is a beautiful teaching tool!!"

Saskia Stewart
B.F.A. (Spec.Hon.Music), B.Ed. 



The title of this music educational game is so fitting! My students love to use their 'Little hands' to compose rhythms upon entering their lessons each week!

They also enjoy creating melodies to accompany their rhythms.

I can see their sight reading is greatly improving from LITTLE HANDS!


 Piano teacher at the Maritime Conservatory Of Performing Arts, Halifax,N.S.

My 5 year old student Ethan tried Little Hands On Rhythm and he loved it. He put together 4 bars of rhythms in 3/4 time and added the counting numbers below. He proudly showed his creation to his mom who was thrilled

Ed Lettner
The Music Studio
Etobicoke, ON


 "Little Hands on Rhythm is well-crafted and sturdy.  I appreciate the quality workmanship and thoughtful design of each component of the game.  I trust that this resource will stand up well to many years of use!  
The eyes of my youngest students always light up when I pull Little Hands on Rhythm off the shelf.  The children love creating simple rhythms with the magnet board and pieces!  I appreciate the fact that the board fits perfectly across my piano's music stand, and the magnet pieces stay tidy and organized in the box.
Little Hands on Rhythm is a wonderful resource, and I am proud to support a Canadian business.  I have received excellent, personalized customer service from Teaching Aids for Music.  I highly recommend their product!"

Lindsay Inkster
BFA, ARCT Piano Pedagogy
Piano Cat Music in Calgary, Alberta