"I found them very helpful in getting a grasp of concepts long forgotten. I’m a retired teacher, but if I was still in the classroom would consider your teaching aids a must-have."

Pat Tufman - retired elementary teacher.

Yes, the magnetic rhythm strips are very good and what I like about them is that they are very durable and made to last (especially with kids etc.)

I do use the magnetic strips on my larger whiteboard also, so it is very versatile and handy. 

I like the fold-out board which is an excellent tool for getting students to count and the adults find it useful also.

My feedback would be to not restrict your age group, i.e. 5 to 12 years. I would definitely say from 5 - adults of all ages.

I hope you do continue to develop your product further. I think that if you perhaps did a set 2, for more complex rhythms, e.g. semiquaver rhythms and compound time signatures

such as 6/8 etc. would be very useful, especially to someone like myself.

Your box is very clever and I like the way it acts as a holder for all the rhythms (so no need to find a box for it).

Everything is good at this end and I am very pleased with your product. 

Best wishes,

Wayne Gorner

Wigan, U.K.

"These games are so fun", "I understand the note values better." Grade 5 students 

James Bolton P.S. Bolton ON

I like the rhythm game a lot because it is very fun!  Lola - Grade 4

The music game is very fun because it is creative and I enjoy playing it....you should make more amazing games like this.
Gisele - Grade 4 
I liked the rhythm game because I liked learning the notes and putting them on the board.  Abby - Grade 3
Comments from the students of Maureen Schoobaert.  MYC & R.C.M. piano teacher in Caledon, ON
  "Little Hands on Rhythm is well-crafted and sturdy.  I appreciate the quality workmanship and thoughtful design of each component of the game.  I trust that this resource will stand up well to many years of use!  
The eyes of my youngest students always light up when I pull Little Hands on Rhythm off the shelf.  The children love creating simple rhythms with the magnet board and pieces!  I appreciate the fact that the board fits perfectly across my piano's music stand, and the magnet pieces stay tidy and organized in the box.
Little Hands on Music is a wonderful resource, and I am proud to support a Canadian business.  I have received excellent, personalized customer service from Teaching Aids for Music.  I highly recommend their product!"
Lindsay Inkster
BFA, ARCT Piano Pedagogy
Piano Cat Music in Calgary, Alberta
My younger kids are enjoying the new teaching tool. I ask them to take the rhythm of the melody they are working on, and place it on the white board, and then to clap the rhythm. It is working especially well with the ones that are just switching over from note value counting to counting the beats.
Thanks again,
Patricia March
ORMTA member (Newmarket Branch)
  ...having the hands-on materials made such a difference especially with my students with Attention Deficit Disorder and students with Learning Disabilities. Being able to see the notes and manipulate them themselves really helped them gain an understanding. They loved creating their own beats and little songs. I'm sure I will continue to use it in the years to come!
Patricia Cullen
YRDSB (York Region District School Board)
Using Little Hands On Rhythm in both my piano studio and in the classroom made the teaching of beat, pulse, rests, bar lines, and time signature easy and fun. The kids loved the manipulatives and came up with their own ideas – such as composing right away. Some of my students refused to go home when their lesson time was up, because of the Little Hands On Rhythm activities.
The large size of the manipulatives is great for 'little hands' and the colour and presentation are beautiful. Little Hands On Rhythm is a great teaching aid that I will definitely incorporate in my practice."
Adriana Levy,
CMTD from the National Conservatory of Music, Argentina, BFA York University, over 20 years teaching experiences in private practice, and group instruction at Montessori Schools in Toronto, Ontario.

Children with differing musical capabilities and learning styles are equally excited to explore the rhythms they create and sound out on various percussive instruments.They intuitively begin to apply and challenge their own knowledge, extending learning quite naturally into the logical 'next step'.A wonderful aid in early musical literacy, this product is a beautiful teaching tool!!"

Saskia Stewart
B.F.A. (Spec.Hon.Music), B.Ed.